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HFTP Thankful for Support from Industry Partners

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ThankYouCloudHFTP is wrapping up the 2015 summer as one of its most eventful in its history, starting off with the highly successful HITEC 2015 in June in the HFTP world headquarters city of Austin, Texas USA. Produced by HFTP, HITEC is the largest hospitality technology event, which hosted one of the highest attended shows in its 43 years, with 6,051 hospitality professionals representing 55 countries. A lot of this success is due in large part to the continued support of HFTP partners. It is through such partnerships between like-minded organizations that have brought about productive solutions, education and information-sharing within the hospitality technology community. Something that is increasingly important as the role of technology becomes essential to the function of the lodging industry.

HFTP/HITEC partners include:

HTNG – Hospitality Technology Next Generation
HSMAI – Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
Hospitality Upgrade magazine
iHITA – International Hospitality Information Technology Association
Hospitality Technology magazine
Cleverdis Information Intelligence
AH&LA – American Hotel and Lodging Association
CMAA – Club Managers Association of America
Cornell School of Hotel Administration
Gerencia de Edificios
Global Hospitality Resources, Inc.

Leaders and members from each of these organizations contribute to HITEC by participating on the HITEC Advisory Council, developing and speaking on the education program, and exhibiting. HFTP thanks all of its partners for their active participation in HITEC, helping it to be a continued success.

To follow up on such an incredible HITEC experience, the HFTP Global Board decided to ramp up its global activity by expanding its educational offerings on a global level. Again, this expansion will not be possible without the support of HFTP’s industry partners. Within the past two months, HFTP has announced a HITEC Asia and HITEC Europe for 2017. Coming up even sooner, HFTP has partnered with HSMAI Europe for two events: the HSMAI Europe Leadership Day on Thursday September 24, 2015 in Frankfurt and the 4th Annual Digital Marketing Conference alongside the World Travel Mart on November 5, 2015 in London.

It doesn’t stop there. HFTP has also announced that the association is currently developing and organizing CIO Summits that will take place outside of the USA during 2016 and beyond. These exclusive, invitation-only, boutique events will serve to unite the technology professionals leading the hospitality industry around the globe for the purpose of education, networking and industry growth.

See I told you it was an eventful summer. Stay tuned to the HFTP web site for news on all of these events.

Multigenerational Travelers

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Blur people movement in rush hour at stationA number of societal trends have combined in recent years to change the hospitality industry dynamics as Americans spend some of their leisure time differently than they once did. According to recent studies, longer, healthier lives, greater disposable income and dispersed personal networks have combined to bring more families together for multigenerational vacations.These gatherings are not spur-of-the-moment picnics in the local park but well-planned, multi-day events that often bring together family members from disparate parts of the country to a destination resort or city – a fair amount of the time, to a foreign country. Therein lies revenue potential that the travel industry is becoming more focused on capturing. The definition of what constitutes a “multigenerational” trip is simple: one in which the participants are related people of three or more generations (typically, grandparents, parents and grandchildren, though nephews/nieces and even friends get drawninto the mix). Read More »

How Much are Guests Willing to Disclose Personal Information within Hotel Apps?

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PIApps_0715How much are guests willing to disclose personal information for the convenience of guest services directed from a hotel app? The answer: not much. An April 2014 study of hotel guests revealed that only 34 percent would disclose personal information, in general, on a hotel app; but drilling down through the responses, the positives increased based on whether a specific detail would impact a hotel stay. The factors that influenced a guest’s willingness to reveal information include: benefit of disclosure, positive emotion and trust in app.

Some details from the study showed:

  • Personal information respondents were willing/likely to disclose: room preference; room amenity preference (i.e. pillow type); gender; smoking preference; and dining preference
  • Personal information respondents were not willing/likely to disclose: credit card information; income; driver’s license/passport number; and geographic location
  • Number of mobile devices respondents travel with: one device – 35%; two devices – 32%; three devices – 23%
  • Get a full illustration of the study results via the INFOGRAPHIC prepared by the authors DeFranco and Morosan, prepared for HFTP: Link to Infographic Read More »

    HFTP’s Trip to CHTA Talks

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    “To provide members with superior networking opportunities, industry-leading events, comprehensive certification programs, unique educational opportunities, and other essential resources for professional growth.”

    Yes, I’m citing the mission of HFTP. But no, it has never been nor will ever be ONLY a mission. It is something that HFTP has constantly been living up to and now, we are ready to go further. As HITEC is heading to Asia in 2017, jumped at the opportunity to visit China when an invitation from China Hospitality Technology Alliance (CHTA) arrived at the office.

    Read More »

    Common Sense

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    The Wikipedia definition for common sense is: a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, shared by (common to) nearly all people. It is the one that tells you that when you decide to go jogging in a giant park of an unknown city, you should take with you a cellphone, credit card and maybe a pocket map readily available at the front desk of your hotel. I always believed I had a decent amount of it yet, on Monday morning, I found myself lost in the middle of Zilker Park with nothing but a room key and a fair amount of embarrassment. Read More »

    Ubiquitous Technology and Hospitality

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    wifiHow many networked devices can you see, right now? Take a look around and look for anything with a network cable or a wireless connection. Most of us will probably get to half a dozen before we even start thinking about it. Technology has become such a persistent part of our lives and our society that we are very rarely more than a few feet away from the nearest portal to the world. An IDC Research study showed that 79% of people keep their phone on them 22 hours per day, 42% of American adults own a tablet, 61% own a laptop, and a whopping 91% own a cell phone. Half of those are smartphones. (Source: Pew Research) Read More »

    A Recap of the First Annual Entrepreneur 20X

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    0615H15E2XBlogHFTP has been extra busy working on a myriad of new projects and events and I am proud to say that one of our most recent ones — Entrepreneur 20X — was a huge success! After months of coordination, endless e-mails, phone calls and meetings, Entrepreneur 20X officially held its inaugural event on Monday, June 15, as part of HITEC 2015. Read More »

    How to sell to investors: Don’t sell to investors

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    0615H15BlogJB2You have a great idea, you have a team that can build it, and you have the passion necessary to see it through to completion. The next step is to get some funding and start banging away at it, right? Sure, if you want to lose control of your idea and your company.I got the chance to sit in on a fantastic panel of business experts on Wednesday and hear Lyle Worthington pick the brains of Dave Berkus, Prakash Shukla, Edward St. Onge and Ron Tarro. The discussion was well moderated and led to some great answers and insights that had more than a few of us in the audience scratching out notes. The most important takeaway was confirmed and repeated in their own way by everyone on the stage: Do everything you can to avoid investment money. Read More »

    Quick discussions. In-depth analysis. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here at HITEC.

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    0615H15BlogELWhile the Tech Talks I’ve attended the last few days here have allowed quick discussions on new hospitality topics, it’s the Super Sessions that have powered me up as the week has drawn on. These gatherings have given us a chance to dig deep on various revenue and marketing strategy topics for hospitality.Tuesday’s afternoon Super Session entitled “Move Beyond BAR & Open Your Eyes to New Revenue” was a true eye-opener for sure! The panel of speakers was comprised of Marco Benvenuti, Lou Keefe and Bill Linehan and was moderated by Jason Freed. The session allowed each expert to share his unique perspective on how hoteliers need to position themselves across all channels while encouraging the idea of varying marketing strategy with room rates, which should also be unique to each avenue. Read More »

    Session Recap: Can you Reach Baby Boomers the Same Way you Reach the Millennial Generation?

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    Amitava Chatterjee and Justin Tallion, Ph.D at HITEC 2015

    On Wednesday, Amitava Chatterjee, Director of Digital/Travel, Hospitality and Leisure at Deloitte Consulting and Justin Tallion, Ph.D., Professor at University of Guelph spoke for one of HITEC’s educational sessions. This covered the difficulty companies face when creating marketing strategies due to the large technology gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials. Read More »

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